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The United States Department of Defense and The Department of Homeland Security have created a pilot program (DIB Cyber Pilot) to help investigate and police cyberspace. With the assistance of multiple private contractors and their ISPs (Internet Service Providers), the collaboration will build knowledge on cyber security risks and help better protect against the growing propensity for malicious cyber-attacks to important private and governmental systems. This move correlates with the flux of hacks and phishing scams that have received noticeable attention of late.

. . .It was our worst fear: a rogue program operating silently on our system, poised to deliver operational plans into the hands of an enemy"

Deputy Secretary of Defense William J. Lynn spoke at the Annual International Workshop on Global Security stating, “We learned this lesson in 2008 when a foreign intelligence agency used a thumb drive to penetrate our classified computer systems—something we thought was impossible. It was our worst fear: a rogue program operating silently on our system, poised to deliver operational plans into the hands of an enemy”. With technology continuing to evolve, the move by the DOD and DHS to create an oversight program will help manage these sort of problems.

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A Solar Window design could add yet another possibility to an energy-saving future.

The proposal’s design would use solar power and convert it into electrical energy. This energy would be capable of charging smartphones, tablets, computers and even powering home appliances. The idea was the brainchild of Jun-se Kim, Yu-jin Cho & Yu-jin Lee.

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A single-living cell has been engineered to emit laser light. The process involved the manipulation of human and jellyfish cells, as reported by Nature Photonics.

The light-emitting protein is found in jellyfish called GFP or green fluorescent protein. It has enabled scientists to foresee many potential applications. It serves as a “torch” in living systems. It would help view microscopic objects–lighting them up and allowing for unprecedented visible observation. The living cell accomplishes feats even more impressive than that.

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Google, in early June announced a new construction project called SolarCity.  As most evidenced by its moniker, it will be a structure run mostly on solar power.  It appears that this company has spurred on a challenge, so to speak.  GE, another magnificently prominent company, plans on doing the same thing, participating in a challenge called Ecomagination.

General Electric plans to spend roughly $63 million in commercial partnerships with ten home energy technology companies.   This is only one aspect of their Ecomagination project.  The project will use over $200 million collectively, investing in clean energy resources.  Google is spending $280 million comparatively.  Could this be the start of something good?  When Google and GE invest in something, it certainly brings a lot of welcomed attention to it.  What these companies bring is clout–and clean energy certainly needs as much of that as it could get. Competing with oil companies that earn more than multiple governments put together already makes the task as daunting as one could imagine it.

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